Feature phone yet Samsung, Nokia, Walton and Symphony


Rifat is reading a public university in Dhaka. Suddenly, he found a feature phone in Walton. Talking to mom. Since this report is about the feature phone, so let him know why he used the feature phone in this era of smartphones. I asked to keep the phone, why use this feature phone? With laugh, Rifat said, ‘I also use a smartphone. But feature phone is very important to me. For example, using this phone, it is more powerful than Power Bank.

I use it for 8-10 days, there is a charge. Always call me at this number from home. The radio is heard, there is a torch, and there are more chances. Rahim Mia Run the rickshaw. He found a feature phone from Samsung. He used to say goodbye to a good phone. Because there is no tension to charge the phone on rickshaw all day.
It is easy to understand that the large number of numbers are placed. In various markets of the capital, the mobile phone has been used to send or send various types of feature phones to Flexiload. This feature phone is being used to deal with various services like iTap, bKash, cash, IP, rocket.

In all, feature phone or mobile phone market is still sweet. Price is less and more time is a major factor in the popularity of feature phones. There are many models of feature phones available in the market. These reports are meant to be in the phone.

The Samsung Geek Music-2 feature phone responded well. It uses two simcards. Micro SD card can be installed up to 32GB in 2 inch screen phone. The white color phone has 1 year warranty. The price is Tk 1,990.

Wal-Mart, a native technology company, has brought Java-enabled new phones. The new variant model, Olivo MM19J, is set up in Walton’s own factory in Bangladesh. This feature phone of Dual SIM can be used with Java-supported games and apps. It offers Facebook, Opera Mini. 2.4 inch screen, LED flashing digital camera, LED torch, 32GB card, MP3, MPP, 3G play on both sides.

Symphony brings the L40 model feature phone to market This phone has a 2.4-inch display, a digital camera. 1750 mAh lion battery, FM radio, flashlight. The price is 1 thousand 130

Nokia Brand’s Popular Feature Phone 3310 The feature phone can be called the king of the world. The colorful 2.4-inch screen feature phone comes in two versions. This phone has a 2-megapixel camera. Two micro scams can be taken. If you want to add a 32GB SD card to this phone can be added. FM radio, camera, Bluetooth features are available. The price is 4 thousand 500 taka.

The local mobile phone brand Deo Mobile SOS P441 model of Bangladesh is available in the market. The Power House has been given the name of the battery of 7,500-milligram battery. The country’s most millionaire battery will be operated on a charge of 29 days and the phone will be charged on three phones simultaneously.
That means it also works as a power bank. The battery of this phone can be used as a power bank separately, so travelers can take this phone with a long tour.
Smartphone users can use the phone as a backup phone and power bank. Automatic phone and SMS will be sent to the five predecessors via the phone’s SOS feature for emergency needs. If you are in danger, you can take help using acne paneer alarm. Older people can get help using these services. Because of the wireless FM radio and box speakers, music fans can listen to music without headphones.

Updated: April 2, 2019 — 2:22 pm

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